Calendar At A Glance

Sun, May. 27 8:30 am | Choir Rehearsal Sun, May. 27 9:30 am | Eucharist Mon, May. 28 7:00 pm | Chicago Sitting Meditation Group Wed, May. 30 9:30 am | Wednesday Morning Eucharist Wed, May. 30 10:00 am | Wednesday Study

Sunday in Lakeview

9:30 a.m. + 1218 W Addison


Saturday Night in the Loop

5:00 p.m. + 637 S Dearborn

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Beginning Memorial Day weekend we will have one Sunday morning Eucharist at 9:30am. This earlier time allows us to enjoy the cooler morning temperatures and to finish our Sunday morning activities well in advance of Cubs home games. The 5pm Saturday Eucharist at HTLoop continues as normal.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Christ is risen. The Spirit moves among us and in us. Listen deep within you and listen to the Spirit in the sounds all around you, including the voices of those most different from you. And then, get going!


  • Imagine your deep sighs as prayers, inviting the breath of the Holy Spirit into your body. The spirit of God, which we celebrate this coming Sunday for Pentecost, breathes life into you about 12 times an hour. That’s 288 prayers a day! What a gift to have the Holy Spirit praying with us and for us throughout all of our life.

  • May has been ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ in the US since 1949.  Care for the vitality of mind, body and spirit is part of the mission of The Spiritual Life Center at Holy Trinity.   We support balanced living, spiritual discovery, transformation and healing. We each might use this month of mental health awareness to enhance our own sense of health and vitality.

  • The Spirit intercedes for us, for the earth, for all creation, with sighs too deep for words. Even as we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit in some spectacular ways we pray with fervent longing for a fresh movement of the Holy Spirit in the world God so loves.

Greetings from Pastor Mueller

Holy Trinity is unlike the churches most of us grew up in. Because it is fluid and ever-changing, the congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. Yes, we value our Lutheran heritage and the ancient roots of our liturgy, yet we delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world. As somebody recently put it: Our faith is two thousand years old, but our thinking is not.