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Wed, Jun. 20 9:30 am | Wednesday Morning Eucharist Wed, Jun. 20 10:00 am | Wednesday Study Wed, Jun. 20 7:30 pm | 12-Step Groups Sat, Jun. 23 5:00 pm | HTLoop Eucharist

Sunday in Lakeview

9:30 a.m. + 1218 W Addison


Saturday Night in the Loop

5:00 p.m. + 637 S Dearborn

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Join Holy Trinity as we walk in the parade with the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches. We'll meet at HTLakeview around noon, have lunch together, then go as a group to line up for the parade. It's a super fun day! No matter your age, gender identity or sexual orientation you are encouraged to walk with pride and show others that Jesus loves everyone and our church welcomes everyone. RSVP to Pr. Sevig ( if you plan to be with us so we’re sure to have enough food for lunch.

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Holy Trinity's Anti-Racism Team works to initiate, facilitate, and nurture conversations and experiences that seek to break oppressive racial systems within our church, our communities, and within ourselves. All are invited to join us in this holy work.

Upcoming Anti-Racism Team Meetings

Saturday June 16th at 6:15pm at HTLoop

Sunday July 29th at 10:30am at HTLakeview

Saturday August 18th at 6:15pm at HTLoop

Recent Blog Posts

  • God’s perfect love is casting out all fear and restoring our judgement and resurrecting this dead and dying world. Staking our lives on this love and rooting our actions in God's Grace known to us through Christ is the only way to ultimately experience what we all seek. Peace.

  • What’s God calling you to this day? What stirrings cause you to have restless nights and an open heart? We join with Samuel saying, “Speak Lord, we are listening.” We turn to this community of faith to help us discern the still small voice that whispers to us to speak truth to power, that nudges us to say no to evil and work for peace, that empowers us to forgive and love in Jesus’ name.

  • Sabbath is made for humankind, not the other way around. Sometimes that sabbath will need to be broken, but in doing so you are showing even more honor for the sabbath by listening to the needs around you and keeping your time of rest and rootedness holy. Sabbath is what we need, God even commanded it, so take your sabbath and know that in doing so, you are living your life exactly as you should be.

  • The mystery we celebrate on this feast of the Holy Trinity is not about dogma or explaining God. It is about mystery and spirit and wind.

    As we come to love the questions even more than the answers, we are not who we thought we were. Our identity is always in flux and how great is that! For God is always more. And God continues to birth us to become more.

Greetings from Pastor Mueller

Holy Trinity is unlike the churches most of us grew up in. Because it is fluid and ever-changing, the congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. Yes, we value our Lutheran heritage and the ancient roots of our liturgy, yet we delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world. As somebody recently put it: Our faith is two thousand years old, but our thinking is not.