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Sat, Apr. 29 5:00 pm | Common Solutions Sat, Apr. 29 5:00 pm | HTLoop Eucharist Sun, Apr. 30 8:30 am | Eucharist Service Sun, Apr. 30 9:30 am | Sunday School Sun, Apr. 30 10:30 am | Eucharist Service

Sunday in Lakeview

8:30 & 10:30 a.m. + 1218 W Addison


Saturday Night in the Loop

5:00 p.m. + 637 S Dearborn

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Recent Blog Posts

  • It may be Easter, but there’s still trauma. This past week Prince Harry spoke for the first time of the trauma he faced after his mother, Princess Diana, died in a car accident twenty years ago. Harry was twelve at the time. He admits that for years he didn’t deal with the traumatic memories and it led to total chaos in his late 20s.

  • As a church in the shadow of Wrigley Field, I couldn’t pass up the chance for one more victory lap today. Because those days back in October and November were, for some of us, a little like Easter morning. Disbelief, or maybe for the “true believers” faith against all odds… Hope in the face of fear and anxiety. And then a win—a win for a team known by the rest of the world—and even us—as lovable losers.

  • Homilies delivered by Pr. Mueller on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil 2017.

  • Holy Trinity has a thing with Hamilton. Two of our pastors have seen it in the past six weeks or so. Some wonder which sermon will have it referenced first–this one! And for the past two Sundays (during the 10:30 service) someone there received a text that they won the lottery to attend the 2pm performance of Hamilton—on that day! And they had to buy the tickets within an hour so one guy had to enter his credit card during the first reading!

Greetings from Pastor Mueller

Holy Trinity is unlike the churches most of us grew up in. Because it is fluid and ever-changing, the congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. Yes, we value our Lutheran heritage and the ancient roots of our liturgy, yet we delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world. As somebody recently put it: Our faith is two thousand years old, but our thinking is not.