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Sat, Sep. 23 3:00 pm | Vondracek/Sampras Wedding Sat, Sep. 23 5:00 pm | HTLoop Eucharist Sun, Sep. 24 9:00 am | Choir Rehearsal Sun, Sep. 24 9:00 am | Eucharist Sun, Sep. 24 10:00 am | Sunday School

Sunday in Lakeview

9:00 & 11:00 a.m. + 1218 W Addison


Saturday Night in the Loop

5:00 p.m. + 637 S Dearborn

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Rich in classical music tradition, Vienna is home to some of the world’s most famous stages. Having spent years in Vienna, both as a student at the Vienna Conservatory and as a soloist, soprano Kari Balck will bring their famous melodies to life with Rita Schnell at the piano. Featuring Adele’s Laughing Song, Vijlalied, as well as quintessential operetta pieces beloved by the Viennese. Guest performers join for Schubert’s spectacular chamber work Der Hirt auf dem Felsen and a special Sound of Music finale. Admission is free.

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Join us for Holy Trinity's 19th annual Blessing of Animals on October 1 at 9am or 11am. The pet blessing is held each year on the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Francis which is October 4. Bring your pets or stuffed animals and invite your friends and neighbors.

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Race still matters in America today. How can we raise children who go beyond the superficial notion of colorblindness to see and challenge the ways that privilege still shapes our lives? How can parents and educators prepare to seize the teachable moments that arise when we least expect them? Jasen Frelot, Kids and Race Exectutive Director, will lead this 2-hour workshop for the community.

Registration is required and a $15 registration fee will go to Kids and Race.

Register at

Thanks to a grant from Thrivent Financial, HTLC members may have the fee waived. Contact Pastor Sevig ( to register using the scholarship.

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Holy Trinity is looking for young singers to join its growing Children's Choir! The first rehearsal will be October 1 and rehearsals will typically last from 10:50am to 11:20am. If the young music-maker in your family likes to sing and is curious about joining the choir, please contact Lauren Haines at or 440-645-8414 for more information and a full rehearsal/singing schedule through Epiphany.

Recent Blog Posts

  • What does a process of forgiveness look like for our inherent racism when for so long racism has not lessened, but simply continued to adapt into new forms from slavery, to Jim Crow, and nowadays to mass incarceration?

  • On Wednesday, September 13 at our 9:30am Eucharist we will celebrate Holy Cross Day.

  • You can tell where this is going. You can see it on his face. You can hear it in her voice. I think we need to talk. We’ve got a problem.

    You listen carefully, a bit on your guard, and then realize that you are the problem. Either your boss is not satisfied with your work. Your spouse is upset that you don’t do your share around the house. Your friend feels you have no time for her anymore. Your parents think that you are intruding by giving them advice.

  • ...Maybe we are called to be losers. Yet in an era when people are trying to find themselves, to find purpose, to find, meaning, to find success, to find love, to find happiness, the message of “how to be a loser,” deny yourself and take up your cross sounds . . . like a losing proposition...

Greetings from Pastor Mueller

Holy Trinity is unlike the churches most of us grew up in. Because it is fluid and ever-changing, the congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. Yes, we value our Lutheran heritage and the ancient roots of our liturgy, yet we delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world. As somebody recently put it: Our faith is two thousand years old, but our thinking is not.