Sunday in Lakeview

8:30 & 10:30 a.m. + 1218 W Addison


Saturday Night in the Loop

5:00 p.m. + 637 S Dearborn

Prison Book Ministry 2016

Improve the lives and futures of incarcerated persons by taking part in Holy Trinity's annual Prison Book Ministry.

Bring used books and empty boxes (may be flattened) to HTLoop and HTLakeview on April 30/May 1, May 7/8, May 14/15. Both paperbacks and hardbacks are acceptable: good condition preferred with personal information and marginal notes blacked out. Desired categories include reference (legal, vocational, resume, interviewing), health, self-help/motivational, parenting, fiction, history, world religions, Biblical/theological.

Learn more and email Ryan and Carol LaHurd if you are able to help sort and pack books after worship on Sunday, May 15.

Sunday Forum May 1 + 9:30 a.m.

Occupied with Nonviolence

9:30 a.m. + St. Mark’s Room
Jean Zaru, the longtime activist and Quaker leader from Ramallah, here brings home the pain and central convictions that animate Christian nonviolence and activity today. We'll use the book, Occupied with Nonviolence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks, by Jean Zaru, as a basis for discussion, but will also discuss the blog from our member Patrick McClain who is currently living in Palestine. Conversation led by Katie Mineck.

Communion Retreat May 12

At baptism, parents and sponsors promise to raise the newly baptized in the Christian faith, including a life-long learning process of God's grace made known to us through the sacraments. Whether your child already communes regularly or is seeking to prepare for his/her first communion, please set aside time to participate in this retreat from 9:30-11 a.m. The retreat is most appropriate for children who are at least 5. At least one parent/sponsor should plan to attend as well. Contact Pastor Sevig to register.

Fair trade sales may 8

Fair trade coffee and goods will be sold following the 8:30 and 10:30 services on May 8.
We hope to see you at the back of the church, you won’t miss us!

Baptism Seminar - May 11+ 7pm

Baptism isn't a one-time event--it's for life! This seminar is offered several times a year for expectant parents, parents with newborns, those planning a baptism in the coming months, and parents or others who would like a refresher on the meaning and theology of baptism. All parents planning to have a newborn baptized are asked to attend this seminar at some point before the baptism of their firstborn child.

Topics of the seminar will include baptismal theology, the role of parents and sponsors, and scheduling a baptism.

Please register prior to the seminar with Pastor Sevig.

+ Learn more about baptism at HTLC

Serve Meal with Night Ministry + Thursday May 12 + 6pm

Serve Food with Youth Outreach Bus
Thursday, May 12 + 6:00 p.m.
Volunteers will prepare bagged meals here at Holy Trinity beginning at 6:00 p.m. After, they will meet the Outreach Bus and distribute the meals. We also need volunteers to help provide the groceries for the meals. Sign up and find more information or speak to Ken Duckmann.

Book Group Meeting

Eat, Drink. Read.
The book group will be hosting local author Lisa Maggiore on Monday, May 23 at 7:30 at the home of Becky Sims (email for directions). We'll be reading her book, Home from Within, and she will join us for our discussion. Please join us, whether or not you have time to read the book!

Serve at the Lakeview Pantry + Thur May 28 + 6pm

Holy Trinity volunteers assist with working the pantry counter, restocking food, repacking bulk foods, sorting clothing and other various jobs that may be needed on the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Contact James Perez with questions and sign up from our Service Opportunity page.

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Recent Blog Posts

  • You, the people of Holy Trinity, gave me the time and space to deepen my knowledge and gifts for ministry. More than any class, your willingness to accept me into community life has given me an educational gift beyond anything I have experienced at seminary so far.

  • There is no doubt that the earth is polluted, exploited, and threatened by the ways in which we live and consume, and in this way we are not letting creation sing out in praise of God. I had this thought as I considered this Psalm, that maybe when we care for creation we are not only letting creation praise God but we are also in fact obeying the fifth commandment to honor thy Father and mother... Earth.

  • There is comfort in being known, but also a challenge in being known. Our responsibilities toward each other grow. As the relationship expands, you begin to see the full person, warts and all. In return, they see your full personhood, too.

  • We have boxes for everything and (unfortunately) everyone. Gender, class, race, sexuality, ability, citizenship, religion, politics, the list goes on and on. 

Greetings from Pastor Mueller

Holy Trinity is unlike the churches most of us grew up in. Because it is fluid and ever-changing, the congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. Yes, we value our Lutheran heritage and the ancient roots of our liturgy, yet we delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world. As somebody recently put it: Our faith is two thousand years old, but our thinking is not.