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What is HTIncrease?
HTIncrease is designed especially for those with recurring online giving. By signing up for HTIncrease, the church office will increase your giving each year by 3%, 5% or a percent of your choosing.
Why should I increase my giving?
Holy Trinity is incredibly grateful for the over 110 + household units with online recurring giving. However, a number of folks have not increased their designated amount since they initially registered. Because the budget increases each year due to new programming and cost-of-living increases for staff, we need most of the congregation to increase their giving each year.
What if I am not able to increase my giving or need to decrease my giving in 2019?
Personal circumstances vary and change. We appreciate gifts of any amount. We also honor the other ways the congregation offers its time and talents both at church and in the world.
How does HTIncrease work in 2019 and in subsequent years?
If you are able to increase your giving in 2019, please list the new amount for next year. By checking HTIncrease, the church office will adjust your giving each subsequent year (beginning in 2020) by the percentage you choose. If you would like to sign up for HTIncrease without an amount for 2019, the church office can do the math and increase by your desired percentage beginning in 2019.
What if I would rather make online giving adjustments myself and/or vary the increases from year to year?
No problem! We enthusiastically welcome this option.